The first time to start growing strawberries in the backyard is creating green land. The green field will inspire the shape of the small strawberry garden to be planted. The more green the land behind the house adds to the comfort for yourself and plants. Because I'm sure plants also need a supportive environment to grow well as well as strawberries.

If the backyard garden is supportive then start by making a pattern where the strawberry will be planted, try to keep the plant facing the sun directly. Because after all strawberries will need full sun to cook nutrients from the soil properly. The level of sun exposure will determine how fast the plants, flowers and strawberries grow, the more the better. Therefore sunlight is very important in addition to regular watering of plants every morning and evening.

In Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, it may be very easy to get sunlight longer than in Europe or America or Australia. We can plant it in the rainy and summer season.


Good for the initial stage is to prepare the planting medium either using a polybag or in an open field with a divider and higher than the ground. This aims to ensure that there are no weed plants that interfere with the growth of strawberries. At the same time try to keep strawberries from going directly on the ground so they don't rot.

A good planting media mixture is soil, compost, and cocopeat, with a ratio of soil 1, compost 1/2 and cocopeat 1/3. Do not get too much cocopeat so the roots are not easily rotten, not too much compost because the strawberry plant is not the same as other vegetable plants.

Strawberry plants will grow well with the addition of natural potassium which can be made by utilizing eggshells. The prepared eggshell is by drying it with sunlight until it is completely dry. Then the eggshells are ground until smooth as flour. Eggshell flour is then spread over the surface of the soil mixture, compost and cocopeat. Or precisely around the strawberry plant.

I have used eggshells as additional potassium from strawberry plants, and the results are quite good. It can be seen from the growth of thick and large flower buds, on the other hand the stolon (runner) has large stems and leaves. I think eggshells are very helpful for maximum growing strawberry plants.

Eggshells for strawberry plants are very helpful for plants that are far more distant and bear fruit. I myself know the benefits of eggshells for strawberry plants after reading and maybe the content of potassium is very high. Especially it's very easy to get egg shells for strawberries.

After that stage is passed (a mixture of soil, compost, cocopeat and eggshells), then the next is to do strawberry watering regularly in the morning and evening. In Indonesia it may be very good watering is done in the morning and evening.

Water is the main source for strawberry plants to dissolve nutrients from both the soil and inside. On the other hand regular watering can accelerate the development of healthy plant roots.

Do it consistently and I'm sure your strawberry plant will grow well, bear fruit and large.


Thank you, good luck.

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